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I can’t speak highly enough of Steve Chandler, who has been associated with this project from day one … In my opinion he has been the glue that has held the project together. He has the respect of the project team and I know he has the same respect from the site people. I can guarantee you the project would have hit very troubled water had it not been for Steve’s even handed and professional approach.

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Ross Sharrock
Project Director
BlueScope Steel's $150 million Western Sydney Colorbond Paintline Project
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Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited have been utilising the services of LEFTA in relation to our retail property strategy since early 2013.

Our projects have included:

  • Permit (Development) Application for a 1,000+ apartment and mixed use development in Melbourne
  • Rezoning Application for a 1,000+ apartment and mixed use development in suburban Melbourne
  • Rezoning Application for a 500+ apartment development on Sydney’s city fringe
  • Rezoning Application for a 380+ apartment andmixed use development in suburban Sydney
  • Site assessment and due diligence for a potential commercial development in suburban Sydney
  • Site search and lease negotiations for dealership sites in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Divestment of site and negotiation of a dealership relocation and pre-lease in Melbourne

LEFTA’s services have, at all times, been professional. Their expertise in the property development sector have been invaluable and due to their effort we have achieved significant value uplift in our property portfolio

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David Masters
Quotation Mark

LEFTA was recommended to us by our solicitor at the time of commencement of works.

LEFTA was engaged to provide strategic advice to us during the redevelopment of one of our undercapitalised properties.

During the development period LEFTA provided insight to risk mitigation and managed the delivery of our project with professionalism and reliability. This service continued well after the development had concluded.

During our relationship we became very grateful for their contribution to our business.

Accordingly we hold LEFTA in great esteem.

LEFTA was very patient with us and was very helpful in educating us on the property industry as this was our first major development. Without LEFTA looking after our interest the potential losses we might have incurred could well have been substantial.

Based upon our first experience with LEFTA we have already briefed them on our next project.

We have no hesitation in recommending LEFTA. We believe any business will be best served by having LEFT on their side.

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Arun Lakshmanan
Redmint Pty Ltd
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Complex building projects are not part of the everyday for local government. They can be high risk, sometimes controversial, public projects and few Councils have the in-house expertise to effectively manage them if they fall into distress.

LEFTA provided critical support to our organisation and to me as CEO in managing the complex commercial, financial, legal and political issues arising from a multi-party building dispute.


  • Listens and responds to our unique needs, expectations and process / statutory requirements
  • Provides detailed but readable, timely and persuasive reports
  • Did the hard yards to ensure that, as client, we were fully aware of emerging risks and opportunities as the matter unfolded
  • Are reliable, timely and always available to provide information support and advice.

Steve Chandler, LEFTAManager, has been critical in helping us navigate an unfamiliar and uncertain environment.

He has an outstanding ability to read the needs and expectations of a broad range of people – my staff, councillors, legal advisors, many and various parties to dispute – building trust, credibility and finally negotiating a settlement that enabled us to avoid a protracted legal battle and minimised our existing and future exposure.

I have no hesitation in recommending LEFTA to local government and other public sector agencies – LEFTA provide the commercial edge we need to hold our own in disputes.

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General Manager
NSW Local Council
Quotation Mark

Entering into my first major development project was daunting. Steve’s knowledge of the fundamentals of a successful development has assisted me greatly.

Steve has provided a solid foundation for me to build from. His knowledge of the front end loading requirements, of planning issues, the direction to head as various elements unfold, his marketing and financial knowledge, as well as his project scheduling capabilities have all added value to make this project successful.

It is reassuring that Steve’s experience is always there to be relied upon and I look forward to completing this and future projects with him.

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Greg Henson
Managing Director
Racebet Pty Ltd
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We first engaged LEFTA in 2006 to provide commercial and property advice pertaining to a significant land holding.

At that time, the business had very little understanding of the site attributes and constraints and this issue was further exacerbated by proposed third party developments that could potentially have significant impacts for the business (both positive and negative).

With the experience and understanding around property developments LEFTA provided to us, we now have a concise understanding of the opportunities and potential risks to our business around future developments.

LEFTA provided clear, succinct advice and also established a number of potential options for the business to evaluate with the associated risk/reward profile.

The enthusiasm, dedication and honest feedback provided by LEFTA was of great assistance in enabling the business to fully understand all aspects around the potential development of our site.

We have utilised LEFTA’s experience in other property and land development related matters within the business.

Quotation Mark
John Waugh
Manager Finance and Business Systems
BlueScope Steel Limited